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I am proud to stock some fine reading material but like most booksellers (of which I am very marginally one, now) I am apprehensive about being able to afford doing so. I hope that if you enjoy the few, hard to find titles I have, you will purchase it and support the publisher!

For example, I'm getting a new magazine called Four-Hundred Words, which focuses on short-short nonfiction. It promises "130 pages of awesomeness" and I just couldn't refuse. If you can't come by the store, go to and get a copy.

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  • Hi Louise, thanks for writing about us! Yes, Katie Bumblebee is very sweet. I have stationery and notepads that she designed, and I want to get some of her collages too, they are great.

    I don’t know what to call it either :) I have quite a list of designers linked from the main website. I will have crocheted items from Purldrop, that is Erin from Sodafine in Fort Greene, and I will have hats made from recycled sweaters from Giant Dwarf. I know they both have blogger journals. A lot of the designers I carry I have “met” online or by participating in various shows and events here and in California. I am so happy to be able to promote my favorite people!


  • Hi Rena. I see that you’re carrying some of my favorite indie-blogger-designer stuff like one good bumblebee. I met her blogging. And I’ve already blogged about you on

    What other blogger/indie shop people are you carrying. I don’t know what to call it, do you?

    Welcome to Seventh Avenue.

    Louise (OTBKB)

    Third Street

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