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Hi, this is the inaugural post of the weblog for Rare Device, a little shop in Brooklyn. I'm Rena and I'm very excited to be able to feature some of my favorite designers at the shop!

This blog will talk about new items in the shop. Of course, everything is new right now...but yet more goodies are on the way. To start, A Fortes Design of NYC is creating some great pillows for the shop. They are fashioned out of a soft and lusciously dyed canvas, and are screenprinted and machine-washable. Hopefully we'll get some clothing and bags at some point too!

Next up are more bags and wallets for men from Ro. Ro is based in New York also and make super bags in all shapes and sizes for men and women. If you are tired of having the same old Jack Spade bag as everyone else, these are for you.

There will also be new bag designs from Bloom Bags and from Twelve, both from New York. These are unisex totes, bowler bags, and laptop bags in nylon or canvas, and a great value.

Yes we are bag crazy here. Silent Revolution from Southern Cal is going to send us some very cool and urban messengers too.

Clothing - Carol from Undesigned in LA is creating super tops and pants from modern, recycled fabrics for women - they'll be here in a month or less. And Twice Shy in Canada is sending cool graphic tops for men and women.

Please pop by the store soon and say hi. Many of the items I'm getting are limited quantities so you have to act fast.


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