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I am so happy for my friends who are in the press, here is a little update and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone.

Meredith of Pellemelle has her cool leather belts in the October InStyle - check it out - as does Lisa of Good on Paper Design. We have Lisa's birthday books in three colorways at the shop, as well as a variety of Pellemelle belts.

Carol's beautiful clothing line Undesigned has been chosen for this year's Gen Art Fresh Faces in Fashion show in LA! The show is this Friday and I am really excited for her. We'll have her wares in the shop next month.

And, the cable-knit bag that everyone must touch when they walk in the door by Margaret Nicole is featured in the November issue of Cosmopolitan. I have got her bags in different styles and colors hidden all around my little shop for you to discover.

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