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Last Minute Gift Guide

Hello, lovely people. My name is Steph and I'm one of the Sales Associates here at Rare Device! I'm naturally a spur of the moment kind of person, so handling the "Last Minute Gifts" guide is right up my alley. Personally, I think just because a gift is last minute doesn't mean that it can't be thoughtful or sincere, and I think a good way to avoid getting something too silly or corny is to get something both cute and functional--things that really anyone can use. I've pulled a few things from the shop to show what I mean.

Book Cloth Journal (1): I often turn to stationary supplies for gift inspiration, notebooks especially. You can get a lined notebook for your tormented writer friend, or perhaps a blank one for the bored doodler. More specifically, I set aside one of our Book Cloth Notebooks; coupled with a swanky pen, it can be a fun (yet functional) gift pair! Sideshow Press, $16. Available in-store at 600 Divisadero Street.

California Republic Bear Print (2): This is one of our most popular products: an "I Love You CA" print by 3 Fish Studios! I know, I know: an art print may not be as "functional" as a mug or a notebook, but I do think anything that can brighten a room definitely serves a purpose, and Annie's prints definitely do just that! And besides, who DOESN'T love California? 3 Fish Studios, $25-65. Available in-store at 600 Divisadero and 4071 24th Street.

Neighbors Cup and Saucer (3): Now, I am a self-proclaimed coffee snob and addict, so I might be particularly biased towards how great mugs are as gifts, but everyone needs to drink, right? But bias aside, this mug and saucer set by Kinto is just a lovely addition to anyone's house ware collection. The bamboo saucer can also act as a little cover for the mug to either help keep your coffee warm or to turn it into a trinket container. Kinto, $22. Available in-store at 600 Divisadero Street.

All Eyes Porcelain Mug (4): And to further my point about mugs, I set aside another quirky cup for you all. This one is by artist Xenia Taylor, who specializes in fun ceramic pieces, but the fun eyes makes this by far my favorite in her collection. Xenia Taler, $20. Available in-store at 600 Divisadero and 4071 24th Street.

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