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RD Noe Valley: Cactus Piñatas by Lexi Martinez

If you've visited our new location in Noe Valley at 24th and Castro, you have most likely seen our beautiful window display by talented artist (and RD's assistant buyer) Lexi Martinez! The window is full of colorful piñatas, golden ribbon, and paper and felt flowers; just perfect for the summer season. I was able to interview Lexi about her process and inspiration that led to these colorful, unique creations.

Logan Evans: What materials did you use to make the various piñatas?
Lexi Martinez: I used an assortment of crêpe paper, felt, cardboard, acrylic paint, masking tape, and lots of hot glue! The bulk of the piñatas were actually made from the brown packing paper that's used as filling in all our received packages/orders (thank you lovely vendors!)

LE: What inspired you to make these designs?
LM: I've been on a pretty big succulent-kick for the past few months, buying a tiny baby plant at least once a week! When Giselle asked if I wanted to do something for the Noe Valley window, my first question was if the window could be seasonal because I thought cactuses would be perfect for a summer theme.

LE: Did you have other ideas for piñatas before deciding on the ones you made?
LM: The cactuses (and gold diamonds) were in my head from the very beginning, so I'm happy that I stuck with them! I actually made my first piñatas when I worked on a Valentine's window for another gift store. I made a giant heart piñata and I had so much fun with it, that "piñata style" immediately came to mind with the Noe Valley window. 

LE: How many other window displays have you designed?
LM: I've created 5 window displays in total. The majority have been for a charming store called "Story", located in the Inner Richmond. So far they've all been inspired by the season and consisted of mostly handmade paper elements. 

LE: How long did it take for you to complete all the piñatas?
LM:  A good while. But I honestly enjoyed taking my time working out new shapes and designs, all while binging on endless hours of Netflix.

LE: Was the process longer or more difficult than you expected?
LM: Doing this kind of handmade work is always going to be a bit time-consuming. But difficult? No way. I love this kind of work!

If you want to learn more about Lexi or see more of her art creations, check out her lovely Instagram or read up on her blog. I hope you all get a chance to visit the Rare Device Noe Valley and see her piñatas in person.

Photos 1, 6-9 by Sarah Deragon and 2-5 by Lexi Martinez
Note: The piñatas in the Noe Valley window are currently not for sale. But, please be on the look out for some crafty workshops at Rare Device by Lexi in the near future!

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