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California Printed Opening Reception


We joyously held the opening reception for California Printed here at Rare Device last friday night, January 10. After all the planning, it was so nice to finally share the many different pieces of art from 3 Fish Studios, Erica Sirotich, Derek Macario, Archie's Press, Katrina Zappala, Jennifer Maravillas, Emily Proud, Julia Lucey, Forest & Waves, Christina Song and myself.

From Erica Sirotich's adorable illustration of prehistoric animals to Jennifer Maravillas' gorgeous watercolor interpretation of California's indigenous trees, there is such a wide spectrum of creative interpretation.


Small Forest of a Handful of California's Indigenous Trees by Jennifer Maravillas


Erica Sirotich with her framed illustration, Prehistoric California.



Closeup of Edward Juan's Surfing Spots of California



Derek Macario next to his print, hella California, with his family and friends.


California Poppies on White by Emily Proud


Closeup of Julia Lucey's Coyote Spring


Closeup of Golden Boy 2 by 3 Fish Studios


Thank you to all who came out! California Printed will be exhibited at Rare Device until February 16, 2014. Photos courtesy of Derek Macario.


- Kehau

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