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Jackfacekillah by Jackie Brown

Jackfacekillah by Jackie Brown

We are proud to present Jackfacekillah by Jackie Brown

Show Dates: Friday, June 18 through Monday, August 2, 2021
Opening Reception: By appointment only - Friday, June 18 7-9 pm



About the Gallery Show:

The show is filled with all of Jackie's favorite things such as fruits, cheetah print, and vintage cars and many more. All of the pieces are made in a range of different mediums including ceramics, gouache paintings, wood cut panels, and framed post-its. Jackie Brown creates all of these pieces under her alias "Jackfacekillah", and as her first solo show ever she wants to be able to show the full range of pieces that she has been working on within this past crazy year.

About the Artist:

Jackie Brown is a Graphic Designer/Illustrator based in Portland, Oregon. With her father serving in the military, she grew up living on multiple bases throughout Asia and has also lived in a number of different states. Aside from working full time as a Graphic Designer, she spends her free time exploring ways to enrich her personal creative work.

Her work is bold, bright, and charismatic. She is inspired by the small things in life that bring her joy such as fruits, animal prints, vintage cars, and positive messaging.

Artist Statement:

Life in general has definitely been a wild roller coaster within this past year, dealing with all things. I'm thankful that I've had my friends and creative community as inspiration during these difficult times and have been able to make work that I enjoy but also try my hand at new substrates such as creating wood panels, painting in gouache, and making bigger ceramic pieces. This is a collection of works that I have created during quarantine that have kept me at peace and grounded, and I hope it can do the same for the viewers.

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