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In My Room by Kanako Abe

In My Room by Kanako Abe

Poster for art show featuring a silhouette of a woman done in Paper Cut art by Kanako Abe
Rare Device is proud to present In My Room, Paper Cut Art by Kanako Abe

Show Dates: Friday, September 24 through Monday, November 8, 2021

Artist Statement:
Sometimes, we need a break. IN MY ROOM is a series of raw portraits of hardworking women in their private moments.
As a person who struggles with anxiety in social situations, the difference between how I try to present myself in public and how I actually act in the comfort of my own room is quite different, and sometimes comical.

The idea of creating this series of raw portraits started when the pandemic began. As I spend more time at home during the pandemic, this little project grew bigger inside of me as I discovered that it’s not just me that has this inner conflict, but a common experience shared by many women as we spend more time on social media and virtual meetings.

The world can be a tiring place when it feels like we are constantly being judged in many ways, and we all need a break or a sanctuary where we can escape to find ourselves. The intention of this series is not to put a spotlight on how funny or miserable our ways of escape might look, but rather, to highlight that the recharging of mind and body can be done in many ways, and it’s okay no matter how you do it. This is how we will continue to thrive.
About the artist:
Kanako Abe is a Kiri-e artist based in Seattle, WA, originally from Japan. Kiri-e means the art of paper-cutting in Japanese. After graduating from San Francisco State University with BA in Theatre Arts and few years of working as a costume and prop designer in the San Francisco Bay Area, she decided to pursue a different path as an artist and tell her stories through paper-cut visual poetry.

Kanako’s paper-cut art is entirely hand cut from a single sheet of paper with a precision knife, and it requires a lot of concentration and many hours to create.

For Kanako, creating Kiri-e art is a way of observing and meditating on everyday thoughts, emotions, nature, and the interconnectivity of the universe.
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