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A myth of singularity by Robyn A. Frank

A myth of singularity by Robyn A. Frank

We're so happy to announce our first gallery show of the year! A myth of singularity features new work from New Mexico-based artist, Robyn A. Frank.

Robyn describes the show "as a collection of work that explores our infinite interconnectedness. Something like, if the experience of self requires another, or the other, then — the other is a necessary function of self and thus the sensation of self as singular is a myth. Rather, we are inextricably linked in a tension of duality, self and other, like different sides of the same coin. At any given moment, the energetic and synergetic interchange between people, place, and things produce experience. This process of experience can be seen as a creative exchange of context and nuance, thus not as flat but fluid, shapeable; as the result of a cumulative practice.

These emotional concepts are transposed into an evolving visual language that employs juxtaposing formal elements of opposites such as light with dark; solid with gradient. Gradients reference transition, time, or the temporal change from one to another and may be juxtaposed with solid color fields, presenting a subtle friction. This friction can be a metaphor for past and future, for birth and death. " 

Show Dates: Friday, January 20th - Sunday, March 5th

Reception: Friday, January 20th, 6-8pm

Artist Statement: My work is a celebration of change. Thinking about change as the cyclical duality of creation and loss. Creation and loss like ebb and flow, birth and death, inhale and exhale.  Something like big life changing moments to small imperceptible ones — a constant cycle happening with or without our attention. Building further, the work frames change as relational practice or relational experience. Something like the constant co-creation of experiences amongst people, given any particular conditions or circumstances. And to bring to that idea of relationships, that idea of we, as active and create-able, changeable. Just as we are, right now, creating this moment together through words and print.   

Visually, these ideas are explored through format, shape, and color. Some pieces are diptychs or triptychs, such that the panels are inherently in relationship to one another and exist as a part of a whole. Often, I use repeating or reflecting shapes to represent duality of self — the innate up and down of all things — or to symbolize change across time or context. Color is used symbolically. Gradients are a literal expression of transformation, of change. The gradient fields connect to observable sky hues during specific times of the day and times of the year. Moreover, color grounds the sense of place of my work in New Mexico.

Artist Bio: Robyn A. Frank (she/ they) grew up in Tampa, Florida and moved to Brooklyn, New York to study printmaking at Pratt Institute. As a professional fine-art fabricator, Frank created paintings and prints for world-renowned artists. Now, as a full-time studio artist living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, they make paintings, prints, and art objects for galleries, retail, and wholesale clients. Her art practice explores relationships, change, and our sense-of-self through color and shape. 

For more, you can read our artist interview in Exploring Duality with Robyn A. Frank


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