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“There are over 3000+ species of snakes; not all are beautiful. Royal pythons are a popular pet snake species -- docile, shy and sensitive. The viper -- energetic, fast, and many times deadly. I have a deep fascination with the animal and the beauty and elegance of how they move.” – Linda Fahey


Linda has always been captivated by snakes -- the shape of their head, eyes, and body, and how they move. She has handled live snakes, and amassed hundreds of photographic references. Additional sources of inspiration and study include the 18th century engravings of Albertus Seba, and contemporary photographs of snakes by Mark Laita. Linda’s installation SNAKE prompts viewers to confront the prejudices, fears and notions conjured by these enigmatic creatures and devise their own stories.

About the Artist

LINDA FAHEY trained in graphic design and illustration at the Academy of Art and San Francisco Art Institute. In the 1990s, she worked in the corporate world; what was intended to be a short stint lasted nearly 20 years. During this time, she pursued her art career and also spent over a decade learning the trade of custom tile design and fabrication, installing everything from art pieces, kitchens, and bathrooms to swimming pools. This led Linda to a full-time focus on hand-building and exclusively working with clay by 2006. She furthered her education, studying with master ceramicists Sharon Virtue and Tiffany Schmierer. With the growing success of her functional wares line, Linda became a full-time artist and left the corporate sector in 2012, the same year she launched a collaborative partnership with Anthropologie and began making her ceramic work more widely available through production.

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