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Divisadero Art Market SMO Ceramics + Erin Adelman Rice Pop-Up

Divisadero Art Market SMO Ceramics + Erin Adelman Rice Pop-Up

Erin Adelman Rice + SMO Ceramics pop up

Swing by the neighborhood on May 6th to celebrate the Divisadero Art Market! We'll be joined by our buds SMO Ceramics and Erin Adelman Rice from 12-5pm in front of the Hayes Street mural.

About SMO Ceramics: Sarah Michelle Ogden started SMO Ceramics in 2017 when she saw the joy that her handmade ceramics brought to her friends and family. Finding inspiration in the small moments that brighten up a day, from a bowl of fruit to a neighborhood dog park, Sarah aims to amplify life’s positive forces through her work and bring that energy into personal spaces.

About Erin Adelman Rice: Based in San Francisco, collage artist Erin Adelman Rice (she/they) creates hand-cut works composed of historical pop culture media and guidebooks of the natural world. Her art explores and critiques consumerist representations of gender, sexuality, and standards of beauty through curating images, removing context, and playing with composition and color. 

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