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Our Favorite Things: Staff Picks - Kayla, Isalina, Cathleen, Dave

Our Favorite Things: Staff Picks - Kayla, Isalina, Cathleen, Dave

Name: Kayla
Kayla is our Administrative and Customer Coordinator
Her Pick: Shino Ceramic Mug by Luvhaus, $36
Kayla says: I’m a big fan of Luvhaus ceramics in general, and this mug is the perfect size for having my morning cup of tea. I especially love the beautiful Shino glaze. I’ll be gifting a set of these to my mom, whose favorite part of the day is having her morning coffee.

Name: Isalina
Isalina is our Sales Associate
Her Pick: I Fought The Law by Olivia Locher, $16.95
Isalina says: This might be the sassiest book I have ever laid eyes on. If it’s possible for something to make you feel delightfully uncomfortable, “I Fought the Law” is that thing. You just can’t stop staring, which in itself is hilarious. This book should be in the hands of every friend of mine who could use more capital-R 'Rebel' in their lives, myself included.

Name: Cathleen
Cathleen is our Sales Associate
Her Pick: 200 Women by Ruth Hobday, $50
Cathleen says: I've thought long and hard about what to get my mother for this holiday. She is an artist, historian, teacher, and avid reader. I usually get her something related to her art, but I thought I might do something different this year. I come from a long line of outspoken, strong-willed, inspiring women, so when I saw "200 Women" I immediately thought of family. It covers a wide range of women from different religious, ethnic, political, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. They are each asked the same 5 questions, but just like their lives, their answers are varied. I plan to read this book before giving it to my mom so that we can discuss it together and hopefully she'll pass it along to my sister and the other women in our family. The greatest gift we can give each other is ourselves, so I hope this will lead to some quality conversations.

Name: Dave
Dave is our Photographer
His Pick: Ripple Incense Holder by Xenia Taler, $26
Dave says: I was drawn to the clean lines and simplicity of the ripple incense holder. It reminded me of one my parents had from the 70's. A little bit retro, a little bit modern, this is the perfect present for basically all my design-forward friends.
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