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Letter Writing Social to Celebrate Letter Writing Month

Letter Writing Social to Celebrate Letter Writing Month

Photo credit: Alison Christiana

April is National Letter Writing Month! To encourage everyone to join in this celebration of handwritten communication, on Thursday, April 14 we hosted a Letterwriting Social at Rare Device on Divisadero Street.

For our Letterwriting Social, we set up a writing desk and chairs. Customers of all ages were welcome to drop-in and write a letter or a card and we provided postage, snacks and beverages. Guests could choose from Rare Device's broad selection of stationery, greeting cards and blank cards, and some attendees even brought their own writing materials. It was a fun, casual evening with guests even exchanging addresses and sending each other letters.

Everyone loves getting personal snail mail, so why not send a fan letter to someone you admire, or perhaps you have a friend who needs a dose of extra cheer. Thank your neighbor, impress your business contacts with a handwritten note, or reconnect with a family member. Nurture a friendship or budding romance with the power of penmanship.  Below are some more of the cards we have in stock at Rare Device. We hope to see you soon!


Cards by Red Cap Cards, Yellow Owl Workshop, Navy Midnight Press, and Antiquaria Design


Guests busily writing cards and letters


Letters addressed, stamped, and on their way!



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