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Christina Song Interview

Hello, all! This is Steph, hoping everyone is having a good Monday. As you may or may not have known, we at Rare Device have been putting together a few interviews with local artists to feature on our site's blog. I recently had the pleasure of asking local artist Christina Song a few questions about herself and her work. Christina is known for her warm collaged designs and illustrations, and her work can be seen in newspapers, on cards, and as prints (a few of which we sell at the store!). Check out the interview below!


In your bio on your portfolio site, it mentions that you’ve lived on both the West and East Coasts. Has living on both coasts influenced your work and/or your perspective on pursuing a career in illustration?
In my opinion, a career in illustration can ultimately be pursued anywhere; however living in places like New York and the Bay Area has been exceptionally inspiring. They're both creative places full of talented people. There's always so much going on that helps cultivate my growth in this field.  
I also say that you can pursue illustration anywhere because I started creating art in suburban neighborhoods that were often boring and too simple. However, it's when there was a lack of inspiration that my imagination really flourished, and the lack of distractions helped me to be very productive.
Would you say that attending art school has helped you gain your bearings as an artist?
I'd say so, although initially art school was confusing. It was only until I realized that the purpose of school was to experiment with different techniques and mediums that I really began to embrace my time there. And while doing so, I had support from lots of amazing people. Also, being among other students showed me how I stood out as an individual. It helped to focus my craft. Art school helped me find out what I loved, and what I wanted to do with illustration.
Any advice for aspiring artists?
Don't be afraid. Don't compare your work to others. Creating art may be an organic process, but it requires hard work to see it through.
Your work often has a warm and quirky collaged feel. In your opinion, what’s the favorite part about your process?
I enjoy the process of collaging because it makes me feel like I have a little more control over my work through the cutting and laying out of each piece. I also love that I don't always have a full vision of what the final outcome will look like. It keeps things exciting. Finding the right pieces to collage my work is also a fun process: I take into account everything from shape, to form, to texture.
You’ve done wedding invites, cards, posters, maps, children’s books... Among all your commissions/work, which have been your favorite?
It's hard to choose since they're all so memorable. I've always been a big do-it-myselfer so I like to be open to trying out different things while staying true to my style. It's always exciting to see my work translated into various means of expression.
What would be the "dream" commission?
My dream commission would be to write and publish my own children's book. I'd also love to see my collages come to life through film.
Do you consider yourself a city kid, a country girl, or something in between?
I'm a city-loving country girl.
Favorite food?
Korean and Mexican.
Trends and fads.
If you had any other career, what would it be and why?
It would have to be something that requires me to stay creative. I'd say a photographer or a textile/home product designer. My wildest dream job is to be a zoo keeper. :)

If you would like more info on Christina and her work, go ahead and check out her site here. Also, more local artist/studio interviews coming soon!



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  • Great interview! I love Christina’s work and it was nice to get a little peek into her thought process.


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