Old and New


We got a slew of books in today, including a great one called Play Pen about new children's book illustration, and we have a copy of NorCalMod which came out last year and is quite fascinating to me, now that I am back in the very area it speaks of. It's a rather thoughtful book about the tension between Modernism and the vernacular, which tends towards Victorians and bungalows, still. The people of the Bay Area are liberal but there are many preservationists and good old lovers of vintage - this is great but the new architecture scene is not very exciting (which is partly why my husband got his MArch and promptly took a job in LA).

I am hopeful that the Bay Area will embrace Rare Device. We have neighbors stopping to ask if we'll be selling "old things or new" which will tell you something about retail here. I love vintage and so does Lisa but we are trying to bring something fresh to town and there are many awesome places to get vintage here, not so many to get brand-new design, believe it or not. Modern gets very clinical when it's not broken up by worn, old, quirky, loved objects - setting the mix is how you show your personal style. I think our style marries well with the 100 year old building we're in, and I think our new pieces will also fit in with the treasures you have at home. You'll have a chance to judge for yourself starting October 25.