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October is calendar time. Fall is getting crispy cool (in CA and NY at least) and calendars, planners and journals are in full effect. We got a small batch of Camilla Engman's wonderful 2008 calendars, these will sell out fast in-store I'm sure, but I will put some online for you too! I also got some of her latest print sets which are completely charming. We have set up a rack at the shop just for things like affordable art prints.

We're trying a new skincare line here in SF too, called Hakansson, it arrived today and I must find somewhere to set it up. It is a simple lineup of gentle, natural ingredient products (ie one moisturizer, one soap) so no need to figure out what will work for you. There is a lovely small sample kit which is also great for your carry-on baggage. The dry climate here is wreaking havoc on me right now and Hakansson is helping to calm my skin down.

More pictures of the shop very soon! Our opening is only 10 days away, gulp. We hope you can join us.

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