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Certain people will be happy to note that I am finally in the mood to make jewelry again. I stopped over 6 months ago (!) and I wanted to stop a couple months before that. The dry spell is over and I'm ready to make again. It feels good.

A couple days ago I was at the Curiosity Shoppe party and it was packed, with people but also with cute, cute stuff. We scored a wood stapler there for our shop, and got to chat a tiny bit with Lauren and Derek. The store is beautiful and it's a must-see if you are coming to visit SF.

Hopefully our shop will be like that for you, too. Lisa and I are trying so hard to bring you the cream of the crop. I never thought I'd have a life in retail but when you are running an independent boutique, it's a different thing for sure. I hope that tourists will wander out of the downtown zone of big-name chain shopping and really explore the neighborhoods. San Francisco is all about quirky and that's why I love it. At the Brooklyn shop, we often act as concierge for visitors and it's a pleasure to tell them about the other great indie stores in the area, or the Monday-means-goulash restaurant down the street. I hope we get to do the same here.


Our Good Society denim is here! We have two styles for women and one for men. The cotton is organic, the finish will appeal to denim enthusiasts (chainstitched hems, etc) but the price is right. They are clean, clean, clean so if you are a fan of A.P.C.-style jeans, check these out. For ladies, we have a soft, 70s blue-grey straight leg ($100) and a raw denim "skinny boot" ($90) and both have a bit of stretch. For the guys, I got the veggie-dyed selvage straight leg and it is $110. I will take some more pictures and if you are curious, I can send measurements too.


Also, finally working on the Property Of... bag images. I only use natural light so there is a small window of opportunity each day and that's it. This is the very popular Owen bag style in a cool textured black twill.

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