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OK, I finally talked someone into modeling the Good Society jeans for me. I think that's what business partners are for :) You can see the images when you read the rest of this entry.

Today our new helper-bee Natalie spent the day diligently washing and prepping the storefront for a coat of lovely dark blue paint. I think she met more of our neighbors today  than we have in the last 6 weeks! We pulled the gates back for the very first time and everyone was stopping to see what was going on. We are actually putting out some merchandise now and it is very exciting.

In Brooklyn, gold jewelry and design books are the top sellers. We are hunting down more reasonably priced jewelry in silver and gold for you. We'll be getting sleek classics from Zina Kao Jewelry soon, and we just restocked Marcie McGoldrick's sweet porcelain necklaces and earrings. I even hear that more Dottyspeck jewelry is on the horizon, as is work from a new designer Odette NY. Even though it's unseasonably warm in NY, we are gearing up for the holidays already!

On to the denim. These seem to be about one size larger than they are marked. They are low-rise but not ultra-low.

This is the straight leg jean in overcast wash. It's got a nice, soft, broken-in feel and has some stretch. The leg opening is slender but not super-skinny.



These are the boot cut in raw denim, definitely a skinny boot fit. The fabric is stiffer than the straight legs and gives you a sleeker look, even though the leg opening is more forgiving. The contrast stitching is nice, and the long and low back pockets are a nice touch. I could not get Lisa out of these jeans so that is one pair fewer for you to buy, sorry!



Now we just need to borrow a gent to model the men's jeans...

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