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What is decadent? Ordering the fried oysters AND the veal meatballs at Craftbar. Decadent = visiting NYC.

At the Rare + Fine shop: I spy cute grey organic cotton denim, and I smell Juniper Ridge sachets and soaps. The Herman Yu 2008 calendars are here (yay) and some art books, including a gorgeous one about artist Chris Johanson. For your new fall bag buying pleasure we have a new crop of Highway bags, all laptop-appropriate without looking too obviously laptop-y, and I carried a selection of Property Of... bags in my luggage just for you.

Elsewhere: Kate is having an opening at Jen Bekman Gallery (NYC) on Friday. I can't make it, but you should! Fortunately we have hornswoggled Kate into doing a show at RDSF in December. And, Meg is having a book party at 111 Minna (SF) on October 2, cohosted by RDSF. Lisa and I will be there and we're donating a gift certificate to the raffle. C'mon, who doesn't love a raffle?

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