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I'm in Brooklyn. It's nice. Actually it is the one week of the year when the weather in LA, NY and SF are all exactly the same. It's spooky, it makes my whirlwind travel experience this week a little bit disorienting.

Tomorrow I look at some clothing and accessories lines, and then to the American Craft magazine relaunch party with Miss D*S. I saw a copy of this at Matin a few days ago and it is looking good.

Thursday I will be at Rare + Fine Brooklyn, scrambling about. Come say hi! Thursday night is the Salon talk with Greenjeans...Friday I head home, to attend a wedding and to check in at RDSF. The Aida Dirse bowls are arriving and I have to fondle them, they are so lovely. I got a little shipment of White Bike Ceramics for the SF store too, they are gleaming in our backroom, waiting to be put on display. Lauren leaves for a long trip this week so there will not be any more of her work for a while.

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