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Pyrrha is a line of jewelry that I resisted for a while but then decided to get. Sometimes the jewelry cases start looking all the same and you have to shake it up a bit. These are cast wax seals that the designer has found, they have very charming imagery and phrases in Latin (I think) and will be great to layer on a girl or a guy. I got the smallish ones so they aren't too overwhelming. We can't carry these in Brooklyn but they will be available online and in RDSF.

We also are restocked on Joanna Mendicino vases, including some brand-new styles and colors, and on Sesame Letterpress cards, and on art books! Personal fave Paul Pope has sort of a compendium out called Pulphope and we have a few copies. I have literally been waiting for this book for YEARS. We also have some copies of a limited edition Mark Ryden portfolio called Bunnies & Bees.

Finally here is a random shot of a leather pouch/wallet from Property Of... that I adore. It's a brown nubbly shrunken leather with accordion pockets and even a zippered change compartment. It's held together with a brown elastic strap so you can stuff this thing (yes, I've seen all of your poor wallets) and it will keep it together.


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