Property Of...


I got a big box of bags and wallets from the Property Of... which is really exciting. Brand-new fall items! What I love about this line is that both men and women can wear it, and that they change the fabric each season. This time we have shrunken leather, soft microfiber nylon, a coated denim, a linen/cotton canvas, and more. A lot of guy bags in particular seem to be made of the same nylon or maybe waxed cotton canvas. I think these are a good deal cooler!


Tomorrow I will get Pippi out and take some pictures for the webshop. I am told the line is 95% sold meaning no reorders!

Today I got to hang out a bit with Lauren of Curiosity Shoppe who is also going to open a store in San Francisco in October! We commiserated about security gates and business insurance and needing to have a support group. I will be enacting an SF Biz Lady Night at my house this fall, it seems...and sending lots of people to the Mission district to shop with Lauren and Derek.