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Margaret Kilgallen


It is fitting that we just received this book as I am about to depart for San Francisco. If you don't know who Margaret Kilgallen is, please do your homework, and then definitely come by to pick up a copy of In the Sweet Bye & Bye. More photos when you read the rest of this entry.




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  • I did my homework, and I’m so glad I did. What amazing work – so clear and vibrant. I’ve just been driving along a road in a semi industrial area, enjoying looking at all the handpainted signs for herbalists, chip shops and secondhand dealers and the smallness of all these businesses, both of which seem to speak to this artist’s love of the marks made by the individual human hand.
    Thanks a lot,

    Heather Moore
  • Hi Rena,
    I love reading your blog, but sometimes I fall a little behind. Case in point: do you still have a copy of In the Sweet Bye & Bye left? I just googled Margaret Kilgallen and felt an immediate connection with her artwork. Best of luck with RDSF and thanks for always bringing us along on your journey!

    Teresa Lin
  • I thought you were just visiting SF, but I read on the Sodafine blog that you are moving here – that’s fantastic!

    Drop me a line and we can get together sometime. I look forward to seeing a Rare Device store here as well; this is the perfect city for it. :)

    Victoria E

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