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One lovely thing happened today - getting this ring from Greenjeans - it is such a treat to wear other people's jewelry! I love my little cloud. Also lovely - hearing that she was able to find exactly the right gift for her friend. Most folks are about 80% sure but this was a Sure Thing.

We're photographing notebooks and bags and jewelry and coatrack systems and watches and scarves, expect lots of new products in the webshop in the next couple weeks. Today's store chatter was all about Paul Auster and our Serrote blue notebooks from Portugal. He really needs to drop by and get one!

We also have received the Spring catalog from Domestic of their new Vynil sticker designs. We've chosen some great new ones, including a floor sticker set (!) of hopscotch, fun for kids and adults. If you want to do a special order, come by the store and ask to see the catalog. Generally, a special order can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks, depending on where we are in the reorder cycle.

One last lovely thing - Lisa Congdon is hard at work on her show for us in April - she is posting images if you want to take a sneak peek at the work in progress!

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  • I’m so glad you like the ring, Rena! It looks perfect on you. And I love my yellow bag…

    I must stop by and take a photo of your fabulous bag collection to post on Greenjeans blog, returning the favor of your kind mention!

    Oh, and if Paul Auster stops by that would just be too too cool. I’m a sucker for nerdy celebrities like him…


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