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Pillow Pillow Pillow

Maybe it's due to the Westminster Dog Show going on in NYC right now, but our pet pillows are flying out the door! Design*sponge just posted about them and we are getting calls to purchase them - they'll be in the webshop as soon as we can manage it, but meanwhile email us if you are interested in getting one.

Donna Brady's A-lights are also benefiting from a blurb in Apartment Therapy last week, so much so that we are all out of them for a while, but you can pre-order now. She also was featured in Swedish design mag Rum which is very cool, even if we can't read the text!

Not much else going on - I'm at the shop today to catch last-minute V-Day buyers and to install Quickbooks on my delicate old Powerbook. Other things going on now or soon: Gordon Matta-Clark retrospective at the Whitney; David Grubbs and Ken Vandermark at Union Hall in Brooklyn this week; Lisa Congdon art show at Reform School in Los Angeles.

Today's CDs: new (Shins, the Books, Deerhoof) and old (Codeine, Dieselhed and the Geraldine Fibbers).

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