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The Property Of

At a tradeshow this summer, I met the nice fellas from The Property Of..., a bag and small leather goods company in Singapore. I knew this would be a great men's/unisex line for the shop. The quality is excellent and the details (I love details) are fabulous. We have picked up 3 bag styles to start - a microfiber tote, a herringbone day bag/computer bag, and a crackled leather mini-duffel that has the infamous extra shoulder strap we love so well in the Slope - plus some card holders and wallets. The great thing about these bags is that, while lined and kitted out with pockets, they are light as a feather! If you read the Times article on massages and physical therapy for people who lug around heavy bags, these are the counterpoint. Pics below.

Holiday webshop alert: don't forget, December 10 is the last day for holiday shipping. We are fairly inundated here. A gentle hint that for fastest results, order items that don't have "these are arriving any day now" availability warnings :) it makes everyone's lives easier!

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