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It's 12:18am and I have just started to read the news for the day. I have been packing boxes for 3 hours and I'm tired and whiny and suddenly it doesn't really matter because the Kim family has lost a husband, a father, a son. Please send your love and support to Kati and family. I have been told often I need to meet her (I have been in Doe once and my shop is a bit like hers) and now I feel awkward and strange, but all of my thoughts are with the family. It's hard for me to focus right now. Regular updates tomorrow...

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  • i was totally heartbroken when i finally had a moment to sit down and read the update on the kim family website last night. it’s so sad, but also a miracle that kati and her two little girls are safe.

  • hey. i got to your website via the lucky mag bit, and was immediately captivated by your comments regarding priorities in light of the loss the Kim family is suffering. it made me feel “there’s a real person there.” thanks for the transparency (and the fab site!). how’s that “abundant sunshine” thing workin our for ya there in nyc? until today it has been great here in oakland, ca. —namaste


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