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Marcie McGoldrick of Williamsburg, who I met at the Renegade Brooklyn fair, came by with some of her wonderful porcelain pendants and earrings today. She puts a bright ceramic transfer on each piece, I have a nice little assortment at the shop. These were quite the hit of Renegade, I hear.

Also - Lisa Goldberg of LightenUp Designs (of Williamsburg) has made some fab wee vases in different shapes with crisp black transfers on them, we're picking these up today. I don't have a picture of them yet but if you go to you can get an idea of what the graphics will be like. Of course I would love to carry her lamps but Rare Device is a bit small for furniture and lighting, alas.

I'm off to the gift show for a couple days, to scout a bit and to say hi to old friends.

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