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I just read that Don Caballero is playing the Knitting Factory on Friday. Who will go with me? Yes I only listen to 10-year-old music :) but they have amazing drumming going on and I love that, second only to the late departed drummer of Silkworm and maybe tied with Unwound or Shellac. None of these bands exist anymore, sigh.

Lately at the shop: Thom Yorke or just silence, the heat somehow makes music difficult.

Elsewhere - my friend Maggie is finishing her first book about how to (and what to) blog and it seems I will have a lil art piece in there I did for, long long ago. It makes me want to have some art projects for the fall. I am thinking of a mobile library cart to have a lending library at the shop, but not just for books...why not put out music, or maybe some of those extra scarves you made last winter, or art supplies you don't use anymore?

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