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For me the appeal of attending a tradeshow is not so much the new lines (though when they jump out at you it is very exciting) but meeting people you already "know", perhaps, through e-mail, face to face. Highlights of Pool and Project were seeing my friend Jamie who runs Sugar Boutique in Pittsburgh, running into Karen from, meeting Ted and Angie from Poketo who are super sweet, chatting with the Nicacelly folk who are from Oakland, my last place of residence, and meeting the nice ladies of Filly who are from Santa Cruz. Go California!

I just want to remind the NYC folk that Sodafine in Fort Greene is having a major sale on vintage (and shoes, and other things) as they are closing thop this weekend (!) so they can reopen next month in Williamsburg on Grand St. Vintage hounds, it's time to get in gear.

I am expecting lots of lovelies in the post today so there will be pictures soon. Also, congrats to Serious Gnome for making Daily Candy today - lots of luck and sales and I hope your server doesn't crash :)

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