Happy Bastille Day - it's been a remarkably long time since we've done an update (well, 4 days) but it's been busy. We have a new designer from Minneapolis, Rectangle Designs, who does wonderful botanical prints on textiles. We've gotten her clutches, card cases, light jersey scarves and some pretty tops, including a deep-V tunic with printing on the shoulders, very unique!

We are restocked on Polli earrings and mobiles, and also got a great batch of rings and necklaces by Amy Tavern. I asked Amy to make me some delicate rings in yellow and rose gold and she did a great job. I also have some of her new sterling silver ring designs. Come and take a look and we can always custom order if we don't carry your size.

Yesterday we got a visit from a shopkeeper in London, she has a little place called Shelf on Cheshire St, and she says the Eastside is very like our end of the Slope, and has been changing dramatically fast. It is always fun when shopkeepers come to visit.

Just a reminder that many of the bags and clothes at the shop are on sale, Fall is right around the corner and we've got to make room. Enjoy your weekend and keep cool!