Jewelry Update


I think one of the reasons I opened Rare Device is because I am so lousy at self-promotion, but great at exclaiming others' work. Amidst everything else I am creating and designing new jewelry. Here is a little sneak peak for the Fall season, the color palette is very cool - all black, white, blues and greens - but metalswise we are all over the place with sterling, oxidized, gold and rose gold finishes. I actually think you can wear all of the styles together. Anyway, a little amuse bouche for you.

New in the store: Clare Nicolson's sweet birdie sachets made from her vintage fabric collection and filled with lavender, each one is a little different, and also her matching bird collage blank notecards. We also have a limited number of Fall tees from San Francisco's Turk & Taylor, including a retro owl/rotary telephone one for the ladies, and a whole mess of door locks for the gentlemen. You can see the shirts online in Rare Picks. Also, we should have more of the great keyahi wood sake cups in stock (as soon as DHL can find my store, they don't seem to think I exist :)