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Still Life

The world looks different at night. Creeping to bed late, I noticed a little arrangement on top of my jewelry box, and took a picture. It struck me as very unlike what you'd think I would like, based on what I pick for the store. Here is the picture, complete with Very Authentic Dust Markings.

So, I decided to take some shots around the house, and I think it's a bit more representative of Rare Device, though a little more artsy. I haven't updated the art for years so maybe that's why. All of these things are in my office/studio.

Photos of Istanbul, cardumom chiclets, art from 20 Things swap, some of my old promotional material, buttons, crazy origami mobile from the crazy origami mobile store in Vancouver.

Let's see, David Huffman painting, a Polaroid transfer by me, mousetrap art from a friend, little collected things from the Post-Postcard shows in San Francisco. Letterpress case/ephemera was a freebie. And my name, written in Chinese. I still can't draw this one.

Things from Post-Postcard shows or the Addison Endpapers housecleaning sales in Oakland. I do love my tiny artwork.

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