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Doggie Dreams

At this moment my pup Mia is lying across her bed, dreaming. I can tell because she is making hiccup noises. Dreaming about hiccups? She's bound to wake herself up soon, probably when the dream gets scary and the hiccups stop, right?

Today we received a few fun and ever so soft printed tees from Heavy Rotation. They're in Wisconsin I believe and the shirts are lovely colors with hand-drawn illustrations, versus the computer-generated sort that happens sometimes. They are pretty lovely. I got one skinny-strap tank with a swinging, wayward chandelier on it cuz that's my design mascot, somehow.

Tomorrow night is the reception! Lena and I plundered the Trader Joe snack and drink aisles so at the very least come eat some peanut butter-filled pretzels and not-Charles Shaw wine. Lena has kindly created a few small posters printed on a muslin and they are available at the shop too. Her plates can be seen in the brand-new Elle Decor UK, the June issue.

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