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Sticky note sets that is. Though stickies as in "yummy after-dinner drink" sound pretty good too. Anyway, we have some sticky note pads (to use a non-copyrighted phrase) from Lisa of Good on Paper - they are very petite and cute. Four designs in a pack so you don't have to choose!

Lisa also sent notepads, the long skinny sort for making lists. Everyone loves lists...sometimes the online kind is great but sometimes you need to jot stuff down on paper.

What else - we hear we will be featured in a magazine next week so that is pretty exciting. And a very dear friend will be in town so that is exciting as well!

Oh - make sure you put the Renegade Craft Fair on your calendar if you are in Brooklyn. It's mid-June (Father's Day weekend I think) and I was reviewing the vendor list, at least 9 of my designers will be there. Spend one Saturday there and then come spend the Sunday here at the shop - it will be the 7th Ave Street Fair and we're going to have a giant sale on a lot of things, put a table out in front, etc. We might invite some special guest designer friends to bring their wares as well.

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