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Lucky Magazine's website has just been revamped and we are pleased to make the cut for their Favorite Shops NYC guide. Our friends at Dear Fieldbinder are representing Brooklyn as well, hurray!

I often have discussions with people who visit the store for the first time about how they found us, and about strategies to get more people to find us - encouraging people to walk down just a bit further, or go home by a different route. I rather like this end of the neighborhood and I need to work with the other great boutiques and restaurants to make it a destination in its own right, which suddenly somehow it is!

Today I am not at the shop, and I will be running errands in the diamond district and also my own neighborhood. This means buying bulk foods at Park Natural and some pork chops at Los Paisanos. Yes, I go to the same places every week too.

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  • Sweet mention! You go, girl!!

    - Amy

    Greenjeans Adventure

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