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Bit by bit, new notebooks, or cadernos, from Portuguese designers Serrote make their way to the store. Today we received some of their latest cadernos, limited-edition and with covers letterpressed with charming wood-type. The interior papers are vellum, lined, and paper tablecloth material (for those who jot down ideas on tablecloths - get it?)

Coming soon - new pieces from Undesigned and House of Spy - the late spring/summer designs. Don't you wish it was summer already? Also somewhere between here and Finland are more Tonfisk table items, and between here and Canada are vibrant green Matt & Nat bags.

Jewelry is selling well lately. I hang work in progress on the wall behind the shop counter while I contemplate the price, completion of design, etc and people like to buy it straight from the wall, kind of funny. When I worked at an art gallery, people most wanted to come in when you were closed for installation - a related phenomenon perhaps?

The other book I got at the library is called The Meaning of Tingo - it's a collection of words in other languages that have a *very* specific and usually odd meaning. This book cracks me up! I have quite a fascination with words, language, type, meaning - the shape, the sound, the color.

Tonight is a reception at Sodafine in Fort Greene, I will be there after I close the shop. It's not raining but the damp in the air is making apple or pear blossoms stick to pretty much everything. Blossom tattoos on cars, blossom graffiti on windows.

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