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Finally I snapped some shots of the new goods, plus some NEWER new goods. Just in - way-cool potholders by Brooklyn designers Deadly Squire, and some little coin pouches too, in three of their new patterns. They look super good with the Beehouse spring colors.

Here is one of the Kikatsu pieces in front of the black sake set, so that you can see the etching.

Defunct Baggage sent all new designs of cute vinyl bags, here are some of them.

I am starting some of the Garden in a Bag kits at home, this one is basil at the wee sprout stage.

Finally here is a closeup of Purldrop crocheted earrings. The actual earring is about 3" tall total. Erin is making spring colors also, and smaller ones, and different shapes, I hope to have them soon.

I got new books too. Love books! I got a copy of the perpetually sold-out Chip Kidd: Book One, the new Theme and Anthem magazines, a book called Five Flights Up about NY apartments, and some comics-type things like Pizzeria Kamikaze (love the name), The Placebo Man and A Disease of Language, which collects a lot of Alan Moore writing. And the newest issue of photography zine Hamburger Eyes is here. This is such a nice black and white photography zine.

It is such a superb day out here. I thought it was going to rain but so far we are doing good...

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  • I love the Garden in a Bag!!!


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