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I just saw a link to Mahar Drygoods, a new website that sells kid-related, all handmade, wonderful goods. The site has Jen Corace graphics and is brilliant, the product selection is brilliant, the packaging on the gifts is too. Congrats to this new site, an antidote to the same baby products you've seen from everyone else.

Ariyele has graciously brought in her best-selling earrings to the shop. I've rearranged the jewelry a bit so come check it out. I have more tucked away so always, always ask to see more!

Two books of note - one is the New York Beautification Project, I may have mentioned it but it is finally on display, Ellen Harvey's installation of microsized traditional landscape paintings applied as, or right over, urban graffiti. Also I have a giant tome from Germany, it's called Illusive and is an indepth look at the state of illustration today, just a beautiful book. I sold one copy today and have one left, this is going to be a collector book I think.

We have decided on the print run size for Lena's new plate design, it's quite small and it will be limited to 2 per customer so everyone has a chance at getting it. Of course, there are no limits on her other designs! I'll put a pre-order link up on Rare Picks soon if you are not in New York and want to get your hands on one. I'm really excited about this show!

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