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A Public Space

We have the first issue of A Public Space, a large and handsome magazine devoted to fiction and poetry as well as contemplating fiction and poetry. It's a Brooklyn publication and we are happy to support it!

If you are curious about the new products in the store, I have placed a few on Rare Picks for purchase. You can see the mobiles and jewelry by Polli, the tiny pebble vase, and a super new laptop bag by Highway.

Also - I have set up FeedBlitz on so that you can have posts emailed to you. If you aren't ready for RSS for some reason, this is an easy way to stay up-to-date - blog updates are simply mailed to you as they happen. The signup box is on the right-hand side at the bottom. It's an experiment so if it needs tweaking, let me know.

An aside: Last night I was walking the dog when she ran over to the gutter and stared longingly into the street. I followed her gaze and low and behold, a tractor-trailer stacked with crates of fluffy white chickens was idling at the light. Too funny!

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