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Sharon Spain

We were pleased to see Sharon Spain's silkscreened bangle bag in the Gen Art Pulse blog, we are such fans of her graphics and design sense. Plenty of people have been eyeing that bag in our shop, but I think it takes the right spring day to carry it around. Spring is coming and everyone can feel it!

I've just ordered more books and decks...decks are the clever little things in the shop that propose 50 different exploratory walks around New York, or 50 knitting patterns. In preparation for summer and travel season, I am getting more decks about destinations - S.F., Paris, Rome, London. It's a nice way to explore a town on foot (or bike), with sort of a destination in mind but without the rididity of a full-on tour.

The fun part about having is shop is befriending other shopkeepers. The Brooklyn boutique owners I have met are all so nice! Yesterday I was at Dear Fieldbinder, on Smith Street - beautiful clothing and jewelry. Lara has a lot of designers you won't find in Brooklyn and the shop was hopping. I will do more store reports in the future!

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  • I continue to enjoy your dialogue of running the store and your filling of it…and you thought the space was small!


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