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In a moment of self-googling, I noticed that Rare Device was listed in the Time Out London Feb 1 issue devoted to New York. You can read that here - lots of other great shops in the article too.

And - a customer came in and said "rare device" is from a poem called Excelsior. I found the poem, it's by Longfellow, and the line was actually "strange device"...which of course will have to be the name of the next store :)

Back in stock soon - birds birds and more birds. Maybe some of you are tired of it but many others are not, more sweet bird sculptures by Joanna Mendicino are on the way, and the birdie cushions by Clare Nicolson that we opened the shop with. I think I'm going to dedicate the next month or two to spring cleaning and redecorating your place. You don't have to replace everything but adding a fun accent can really make a difference. I have posters, wall hangings, ceramic hangings, magnetic organizing strips...all sorts of things to freshen and shuffle up your environment.

Last thing - today, a new bracelet by yours truly was featured in the Washington Post in the Shopper column. You can find it online, we're in quite good company I think!

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  • That is great Rena! The press works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it? Thanks for your comment today, I commented back on my blog. I think that is the blog etiquette as far as I have observed….

    Elaine Perlov

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