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I have an awful lot of bags at the store, in many styles, but every week someone comes in scoping out bags suitable for either 1) laptops or 2) baby gear. Well the first dilemma is partially solved here and I just got in one solution for the second. You have probably seen Loom bags around if you are a parent, they are designed by a California mom and seem like a good sturdy baby bag. It is kind of messenger style but there are external pockets which can hold bottles, a magnet in the flap so one can open it up one-handed, and is utterly stain-resistant and washable. Comes with a little drawstring bag and changing pad too. Without the pad, you could fit a laptop in the bag too. Comes in a sturdy nylon or a cool coated fabric, and as with all the popular bags with Park Slopers, there are a gazillion pockets and a long over-the-shoulder strap.

I'm also scouting out another baby bag in a different, suede-like material (designed by another California mom) so if baby bags prove popular, there will be more in the store. It's up to you!

Rare Picks store update: the crocodile posters are backordered but arriving soon, and the Ro vertical messengers are gone, but I'll be adding a larger horizontal Ro messenger, an awesome Ro duffel, and the orange leather Fire First tote offered over the holidays. Lovely Fortes Design pillows on soft washed canvas are up next in the home decor department, and I'm going to add some of the new Karin Eriksson ceramics too, as soon as I can photograph them.

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