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Magazine Junkie

I am flipping through Me Magazine ( It is a beautiful and fascinating quarterly that gives insight about a guest editor from the creative community (this issue, Habitual clothing company founders Nicole and Michael Colovos) and their friends, some creatives and some not. It is sort of like Interview crossed with This is Your Life and it's quite lovely.

Other magazines or zines (the lines continue to blur) we carry on a semi-regular basis are Theme, The Drama, Cabinet, Zing, Kitchen Sink, Mastermind, Dot Dot Dot, JPG, Ambidextrous, Hamburger Eyes, Mome and I'm sure I'm missing a couple. I also have a book about magazines called...wait for it...Inside Magazines and it's very very good.

In the CD player - Luna "Lunapark" and Pete Krebs "Western Electric". Having a mellow moment here.

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