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Karin Eriksson

We've just got another shipment from Sweden with more gorgeous Karin Eriksson ceramics. The design blog design*sponge just did a nice writeup on her work. I have more of the funnel-shaped cups plus the stockier "beakers" with great graphics, as well as more tealight holders with new graphics. More pictures soon when I get batteries for the camera! I will very likely put the beakers on the website for sale, too.

Today is a bright and crispy day in Brooklyn. My landlords (aka Best Landlords on the Planet, who gave me a ride to work, provided lunch and utensils, and a cup of coffee in the car to boot) say it's going to snow this weekend but looking outside right now it is hard to believe! If you are ready to snuggle up at home, we have got Beehouse teapots in a lovely shade of blueberry. Grab one of these and a book and you are all set. Currently I am listening to a CD mix made for the shop by my friend over at March Records, reading Zadie Smith's 'On Beauty' and drinking Saffron Tea, which I would stock at the shop if I could find the distributor, it is so good...

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