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We have finally capitulated and put out the holiday-themed stuff. OK, we don't have so much that is that specific, but we'd like to let you know that there are Xmas and Hannukah cards, gift wrap and gift tags, and a card that turns into an ornament. (For real ornaments, try Greenjeans three doors down.)

Back in stock: Giant Dwarf hummingbird cloches. Lovely hats recycled from sweaters and adorned with a felt hummingbird and vintage button. It is time for hat wearing in New York! Also more candles from Beccalights, including the infamous Baked Bread one. For foodies, I also have Devil's Food Cake and Morning Cup. The store smells so good.

New: vinyl flap bags, somewhere between a messenger and a purse, by Astrosatchel. Everyone in Brooklyn loves their long adjustable strap bags so here we go. And, delicate vases from Tania Julian of Atlanta, they have a soft matte finish and "drawings" on the surface in green glaze. Definitely giftable.

It's so chilly in the back of the shop where I sit, off to buy a space heater....

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