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Wednesdays are both exhilarating and terrifying because it's box day. UPS, Fedex and DHL all make little visits because I'm closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and all the packages stack up.

Today was a windfall in the store's very short existence. First off, I am pleased to present Serious Gnome, a Vancouver design company whose first product is gorgeous wall plaques. Wall decor is right on target - Blik has had its decals for a while and Fold Bedding has paintable abstract shapes called Wallter. Serious Gnome is different as the designs are created by fine artists and then glazed in fantastic colors, all by hand. I have flowers, clovers and skulls, and they look great grouped together on your wall.

I finally have some pieces from Undesigned by Carol Young. Somewhere between doing fittings and then showing her spring collection at Gen Art Fresh Faces in Fashion in LA, she had time to sew up some clothes for Rare Device. I have reverse recycled tops and skirts and gorgeous herringbone cropped trousers which are perfect over your boots right now. I am so happy to carry Carol's work!

The Silent Revolution bags are here, they are extremely well made and stylish. They are for urban travellers and have padded iPod/PDA compartments, cell phone pockets and all of that good stuff.

New jewelry: Jenifer Balducci is a CA designer newly arrived in NY and we've got her sexy necklaces, earrings and rings made of Whiting & Davis mesh combined with semiprecious stones. They are light as air and drape beautifully. If you are feeling romantic (in just kind of a creepy way) Judith Hoetker of Brooklyn has some silver pieces that you have to see. Her most publicized piece is a sterling silver razorblade pendant with a wee heart cut out of it.

I am also carrying Not For Tourists guidebooks for NYC and for Brooklyn. These are homegrown guides to neighborhoods with nice clear maps and tips about the good stuff here in New York. My friend Kathryn carries hers around everywhere, bulging with cards and scraps of paper. We bought this when we moved to Brooklyn, they are really good little guides.

Finally there are the books. I have some new art and design books, some photography books and zines, and a limited-edition book called Lavender guessed it. It even smells like lavender. I have a few choice graphic novels and a very funny little book of rejection letters called Dear Thank you Yours Sincerely. And, I'll be getting a few copies of Fevolution - great, can't say enough about it artwork by the man known as Feric. It is slipcovered and has Japanese stab binding and is a super present for you for someone who loves art.

Wow that's a lot of new stuff! Come by and check it out, or contact me if you must have something, and I will ship.

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  • please ship me one of everything!


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