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Locally Made Gift Guide

Hello! I'm Lexi, the assistant buyer for Rare Device. I was really excited to write up this "locally made" gift guide because I'm lucky enough to personally interact with so many of our talented vendors. Below are a list of my favorite Bay Area-made products.

Gold Foil Floral California Print (1): I remember first seeing this print as a postcard version. Giselle asked if I liked it and I believe my exact words were, "It's gold and floral. OF COURSE I like it!" My personal obsessions aside though, this print is just so lovely. Each floral piece is arranged perfectly to make up the Golden State. If you have any friends with my same mind-set, this print would look great in any room. Platinum Jungle, $20 - $30 (San Francisco).

Carmel Popcorn (2): This popcorn is SO good. I think that our entire Rare Device team has fallen into a popcorn craze since these delicious parcels first arrived. Little treats like this make perfect stocking stuffers or a great addition to a small gift package. Atom Sweets, $7 (San Francisco).

Leather Cardholders (3): These card cases are made by the multi-talented artists, Yina Kim and Suhi Chai of Odsy Workshop. Based in their Mission studio, these two make beautiful leather products. These card holders are sleek and have so much handmade-quality. They'd make a great gift for anyone looking to minimize their wallets or for someone who's just had a batch of business cards made! Odsy Workshop, $40 - $45 (San Francisco).

Sippin' Pretty Tea (4): Tea is such a comforting winter favorite, so why not gift an especially pretty box of it? Shana Astrachan (known for her gorgeous stud earrings) has put together the loveliest mixture of flora and herbs that can also be used for several at-home beauty remedies. Time to treat your sweet friends to some comfort and relaxation! Shana Astrachan, $18 (San Francisco).

California Native Plants Postcards (5): I'm totally guilty of hoarding pretty stationery. (I think it helps motivate me to send more mail!) If you know any stationery or flower enthusiasts, these sweet sets of illustrated California flowers would be an absolute delight to receive. Maria Schoettler, $20 (Oakland).

Ceramic Pods (6): The first time I saw Jo Boyer's ceramic pods, I was blown away that every detail was made by hand. She intricately sculpts, carves, and glazes every piece so each pod is unique. I LOVE these beauties. My favorite buying days are when Jo comes to the store and I get to personally select each piece. Not only do they look great on the wall, but they're precious objects that just feel great to hold. Jo Boyer, $38 - $110 (San Francisco). Available in-store at 600 Divisadero and 4071 24th Street.

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