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Kelly Crispen of Elizabeth Street Cosmetics

Kelly Crispen is the owner and makeup stylist of Elizabeth Street Cosmetics based in San Francisco. I had the opportunity to interview Kelly and find out a bit more about how she started her company. She will be joining us at the grand opening of Rare Device Noe Valley on Saturday, August 2 from 11am - 5pm.

Logan Evans: When did you first come up with your company? How did you choose the name, Elizabeth Street?
Kelly Crispen: Elizabeth Street happens to be the street I've lived on in Noe Valley for almost fifteen years. Best neighbors I could ask for, they are like family.

LE: All of your products are named after different spots in San Francisco, how did you come up with this idea?
KC: I was working for MAC at the time ten years ago. I would dream about having my own lip collection as I was shaving all the lipsticks at the end of the night. They have some fun and edgy names. I realized people relate to their favorites beyond just the colors themselves. It was then that I knew I wanted to connect people to the city I live in and love so much. 

LE: What is your favorite neighborhood in San Francisco?
KC:  My favorite neighborhood is definitely North Beach. The energy is incredible. The Italian presence is going strong - so many restaurants, wine bars, coffee spots and my husband's firehouse is there too.

LE: Have you ever thought about creating other beauty products other than lipsticks, balms, and glosses?
KC: I love lip products so much that I can't really imagine doing anything else. I add a few new colors seasonally to keep things fresh and on point with what is going on in the fashion world around us.


LE: What is your personal favorite gloss color?
KC: Favorite gloss is tough - like naming a favorite child. Can I give you my top three? I'm a nude girl at heart. 24th, Grant and Lilac.

LE: Without all your experience in the makeup world, do you think you would have been able to start this company?
KC: I suppose anyone can start a company who has some business sense but it is more involved than anyone would ever believe. As a trained makeup artist it certainly helps with the curation of colors and working one on one with my clients.

LE: Do you have a favorite independent makeup company?
KC: Current favorite indies would be two women owned polish companies Floss Gloss (also carried at RD) and Mint Polish. They are very different but the girl power is nonetheless the  same. Love what these ladies are doing being creative, focused and driven. We have to be to continue to elevate our business. It starts with loving what you do.

Photo provided by Elizabeth Street Cosmetics

To learn more about Kelly and Elizabeth Street Cosmetics, you can visit her website. We currently have her lip glosses online and at our Divisadero location; we will be selling her lipsticks exclusively at Rare Device Noe Valley. We are among a select few boutiques to be carrying her lipstick!

- Logan 

Photos by Derek Macario

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