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The Rare Device Gift Club FAQ

Can anyone become a Rare Device Gift Club Member?

Right now, points are only rewarded for in-store purchases. We are hoping to expand to our online customers in the near future.

How do I become a Rare Device Gift Club Member?

To join, stop by Rare Device and ask a sales associate to complete your profile. 

Do my points expire?

They do not! Save them, spend them… it’s all up to you!

What's the welcome gift? What are seasonal gifts?

The gifts change and are selected by our Buyers. Whether it is a ceramic, an accessory, or a candle, know that it was hand-picked specifically with you in mind!

Will my past purchases count towards my points and tier?

We’ll begin tracking purchases at our program's launch on September 19, 2023.

What happens when I return items?

We do not accept returns, only exchanges or give store credit within 20 days of purchase.

If a customer exchanges items for the same amount or less than was initially spent, no point adjustments are made. If an item is exchanged for something less than the original purchase, store credit on a gift card is issued, and points are taken from their account. If an item is exchanged for something more than the original purchase, points are awarded for every dollar over the original purchase spent

Can you combine multiple accounts into a single account?

Sorry, but we can’t combine accounts at this time.

When I redeem my points for a discount at checkout, can I also use a gift card?


Do I earn points on ANYTHING I purchase in-store?

The purchasing of gallery items and gift cards are excluded from The Rare Device Gift Club. Some exclusions for Pop-Up Shops may apply.

Hey, what about my greeting card punch card?

Ah, yes! The punch cards. We will be phasing those out. If you have one, bring it with you on your next visit and we will convert each punch on your card for 10 points. Holding on to a full card? Awesome! You just got yourself 300 points!

Please redeem punch cards by August 19, 2024.

Do I earn points on my online purchases?

Right now, the Rare Device Gift Club is only for our in-store customers. We are hoping to extend the program to our online customers in the near future.

Am I a VIPP for life?

Once a Present Pal becomes a VIPP member, customers will retain the tier for the remainder of the current calendar year and the following year. Customer tiers will be re-calculated at the start of each year on January 1st. Customers must maintain the 600 points requirement of the VIPP tier every year to keep that tier status.

For more assistance, please contact us at